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  • Cook More!

    Cook More!

    *Amazon Affiliate Links included. As a wife and a Mother of four children, I’m always exhausted. I was suffering from burnout this time, last year, and started to eat junk food frequently. I found myself ordering out more than usual and reaching for all the easy frozen, microwaveable stuff. I’m typically very conscious about what…

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  • 10 Best Designer Perfumes from Amazon

    10 Best Designer Perfumes from Amazon

    *Amazon Affiliate Links included with pictures. Click pictures for more info. Jimmy Choo Coach Versace Gucci Bloom Dolce Gabbana Dior Clinique Happy Ralph Lauren Victoria Prada Candy

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  • Valentines Day-5 Gifts for Mom

    Valentines Day-5 Gifts for Mom

    *Amazon affiliate links included below. It has been a whopping two years since I went into quarantine with my children. My husband and I decided back in December of 2019, once we started to hear about the virus, we would stock up and stay in. I will state that we did not stock up on…

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