• FILM REVIEW: The Power of the Dog

    FILM REVIEW: The Power of the Dog

    ☆☆☆☆☆ The most intriguing film of the year is here. The Power of the Dog delivers a most gripping story line. This movie will leave you on the edge of your seat until the very end. You will not be disappointed. Tiny details that speak volumes will lead you in one direction, then spin you […]

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  • RHOC: Ryne, Not Ryan

    RHOC: Ryne, Not Ryan

    I just wanna start today’s post by saying saying that a lot of people are referring to Jen’s husband as Ryan. His name is Ryne. Now that I have got that covered, I would like to address some some of today’s posts on Twitter. I came across a post asking if Ryne is part of […]

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  • RHOC: Noella

    RHOC: Noella

    A new housewife has arrived on the scene. It’s been 3 episodes and she has already announced her husband is leaving her. Except it’s more like he’s abandoning her. She tells us this while on the phone with Shannon and again with Gina. She’s crying, she’s upset, but all the while this girl looks amazing. […]

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