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“Pop culture podcast from a guy with hair of gold and a heart of coal. 🖤”

-Blake Adam

Business, Bravo, and Home Design with my favorite Arizona Podcaster, your Boy Blake Adam AKA Blonde Hair 🖤 Black Heart.

Personal & Business

It was probably in September last year when I came across your Twitter account and was immediately drawn into the photo you posted of your backyard. I knew instantly that was Arizona because I lived there till 2016. So, Naturally, I clicked the follow button. Thus, our story begins in Arizona….

Q: Are you from Az originally?I was born in Manhattan Beach, California but moved to

A. Tucson, AZ with my family when I was 2.

Q: What HS and college did you attend?

A.  I went to Catalina Foothills High School in a small suburb of Tucson. At 18 I moved to San Jose, CA to attend Santa Clara University.

Q: What was your major?

A.  I studied Communications and Theatre Arts.

Q: What was your very first job you ever did to make money either as a kid or teen?

A. My first real job as a kid was a bagger at grocery store. It didn’t last long, though… I was fired after a week for helping my friends steal alcohol. Oops!

Q: I remember asking you about how you were able to get inside scoops on celeb gossip and you said you used to work in the BIZ… tell me more about that.

A. I still do work in “the biz!” I work in the music industry in intellectual property and copyright law. Basically, I make sure artists and songwriters get paid. I used to work in venues and recording studios in LA when I first got into the industry. I’m fortunate to be able to work from home now, which is why I ended up back in Arizona!


Blonde Hair Black Heart covers pop culture and current events as told by a guy with hair of gold and a heart of coal. Listeners can expect hilarious takes on your favorite moments from TV, movies, music, & more, plus interviews, politics, and a lot of personal stories that will make you realize that having a black heart is better than having no heart at all and that blondes really do have more fun!

-Blake Adam

Q: Is Social Media your full-time job? Only Job?  

A. I still work full time in the music industry. I’m fortunate to have a flexible schedule that has allowed to me to grow my social media presence while still working my 9-5.

Q: What you do what does your day look like?

A. Every day is different, but I am constantly juggling my job, social media posts, watching and taking notes on the Bravo shows, and recording podcast segments. I also have 3 dogs so they take up a lot of my attention. I always try and make sure I do a little something for myself, too, whether that’s a quick run to Target to clear my mind (Target is my happy place!) or making a nice dinner for me and my hubby to enjoy.

Q: From your photos online, you seem like a well-dressed fashionable guy, as a child who were your influences, specifically, MTV/VH1 and POP CULTRE related? Were you influenced early on in life by pop entertainment?

 A. I have always been big into pop culture, celebrities, and style. MTV was a big influence, as was TGIF and Nickelodeon. Growing up in the 90s where color and patterns were all the rage helped influence my style a lot.

Q: I’ve seen and followed you and TIK TOK and I am a sucker for anything spoof related! Who would you say was/is your comedic influence growing up and new on the scene?

A. Bravo Babe is starting a new podcast that I am so excited to check out!

In doing my research before our sit down, I Listened to your Wake n Bake podcast with our twitter mutual Jenny Blaze (who I recently interviewed). You guys hit on several topics that I absolutely loved. One, was your favorite movie Clueless, a typical cheesy question I like to ask all my interviewees.

Q: What about the film, makes it a favorite for you?

A.  Clueless is a movie where literally every little thing does it for me. The characters, the dialogue, the soundtrack, the costumes. It is a work of art. I could probably repeat the movie line for line if I really tried… I also am just obsessed with Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz. That character could have been so annoying, but she is perfection.

Q: Is there an actor that you ever looked up to, or aspired to be like?

A.  I always loved and admired Matthew Perry growing up.

Q: What are you currently listening to/what was the last song you looked up?

A. The new Miley Cyrus album has been on repeat. “Jaded” is amazing!

Q: Are you a big reader or do you prefer to watch? What is your favorite book?

A.  I love reading memoirs or books of personal stories. I love humor, so funny anecdotes or stories about people’s lives, notably celebrities, are always fun. I love all of Andy Cohen’s books and Mindy Kaling’s books. I also recently read “Does This Baby Make Me Look Gay?” By Dan Bucatinsky and it is hilarious!

Q: What does a married couple do for fun in Tucson in 2023?

A. We are so fortunate to have a ton of friends that live nearby, so we do a lot of dinners or events with our friends. We go to see concerts or the theatre, go on hikes with our dogs, and during the summer we spend a ton of time by our pool.

Q: Tell me your favorite fashion decade?

A. The 90s were it, baby! 

Q: What do you see yourself doing in the next 10 years as far as content? Still Pop Culture related?

A. I would love to continue making content and I certainly don’t see my love for pop culture ever fading away. I could certainly see myself growing and branching out within the industry to other hosting opportunities.

“how could thinking a convo was “dark” EVER be “a fact” and not subjective statement? do people really not understand subjectivity?”

– Blonde Hair Black Heart

Jenny talking about race and being half white. I’m really glad she hit on this subject. I am mixed as well. The family just always called us half white half Mexican. We have lighter brown skin and green eyes. We were teased where we grew up, and told we were not Mexican by other Mexicans. Just as Jenny was told similarly in her case. I was always so afraid to speak up and just say:

“Who TF are you to tell me what race I am?

It’s just really a hard topic to discuss and I appreciate you both for bringing that to light.

No question there. Thats it.


“rumor has it they can’t afford the LA lifestyle anymore… #pumprules

– Blonde Hair Black Heart

As you had stated on your Podcast, Bravo is the link between you and I, and the rest of your followers. Bravo is the real reason we are here. So, let’s get into it, get down and dirty and gossip about the real housewives and other “Bravolebroties”.

Q: More specifically than Bravo, The Housewives is the reason I ended up on Twitter. So, my first question is what drew your attention to the housewives, and which was the first franchise to land and hit home for you?

A. I have to give credit where credit is due – my best friend Brittney twisted my arm until I gave in and watched RHOC. After one episode, I was hooked. Luckily by this time (I want to say 2011 or 2012) all of the shows were already on Hulu, so I was able to binge. That was that and I never looked back!

Q: BRAVO CON 2023 Baby! As long as all is well in my world, I am planning on going this year. Have you heard any inside scoops, and will you be attending this year?

A.  I am hearing that BravoCon 2023 may be in Las Vegas, and if that’s the case there’s a very good chance I will be there. New York was a little hard for someone who lives on the west coast, so I am excited that it may be closer to me this year!

Q: I saw one of your videos you made for Jen shah sending her “love” (BIG LOL) …. how do you think she is coping/transitioning mentally, are you interested in seeing her back on SLC after she’s released or are you done 100? Do you think Bravo should be done with her also?

A. I hope that Jen makes lots of friends in prison. I doubt she will have many when she leaves. I think if Bravo is smart, they will cut ties with her for good.

Q: How are you feeling about Ericka’s future with BH this upcoming season…any predictions?

A.  I am hopeful for Erika sans Lisa Rinna. The two of them were insufferable so maybe now she will actually be likable again?

Q: What are your thoughts on Marge vs Jen Aydin?

A. I love Marge and I think Jen is unhinged, but I think they both make great TV. I would love to see them team up, to be honest, because I think they could burn down all of New Jersey together.

Q: Teresa Vs Melissa?  

A. Team nobody. Team end this storyline. Team end our misery.

Q: Monique and Candiace?

A.I was team Monique at the time but all of a sudden, I love Candiace so I don’t know?!

Q: What is your fave franchise airing currently?

 A.I loved this season of RHOM. So, so good.

Q: What is the worst franchise to ever air? 

A.I guess DC, but it never really got a fair chance. Dallas wasn’t great but I didn’t hate it.

Q: Who do you think is the funniest housewife?

A. Porsha Williams is our generation’s Lucille Ball, and you can’t change my mind.

Q: Who is best dressed these days?

A. The fashions on all of the cities have been wild lately. I have to give it to my #1 Heather Dubrow though. She knows her style and her body and she never misses, in my opinion. It’s not over the top, but it’s timeless.

Q: Who is worst dressed as a franchise?

A. Salt Lake City is an absolute mess. What’s with the feathers?!

Q: What are your thoughts on UGT??? Seems like they are going to keep spitting them out. Is Bravo and the fandom taking it too far? Should it just stop ? 

A. I am obsessed. I love the breaking of the fourth wall and the “inside scoops” we get. It’s really interesting getting to see some of the ladies post-season but pre-reunion. It’s unique for reality TV and I think it gives us something new and special.

Q: I KNOW you are Heather D stan. What is it about her that you love?  Everything. She, to me, is goals.

A. She is classy, funny, smart, holds her own with the other women, but she never slings mud and goes too low in my opinion. I know others may disagree and she puts off a lot of the fans, but I just can’t quit her.

Q: Are you a Crystallizer??

A. I love Crystal! She is my favorite on RHOBH and definitely my favorite newbie from the past few years.

Q: Who do you hate the most on all of Bravo?

A. Kelly Dodd. No question about it.

Q: Who else do you stan in the Bravo Verse?

A. There’s no one else that I stan, but I love LVP. I think she’s hilarious and she is amazing TV, whether you think she’s being manipulative or not.

Q: Was the BOLO episode overrated?

A. Absolutely

Q: Your fight with Teddy was Twitter History in the making to me, and I loved how you received a spike in your views because of it. How long did the feud last and where do u stand now? 

A. I think it’s still going. Months after that little twitter moment she and Tamra mentioned me on their podcast. I can’t help it that I’m hard to forget!

Q: I am hoping that you have some super great Idea on how to revamp RHONY. Did Bravo really need to put it on pause? Do you think it even needs to be brought back. Should it have Sonia Morgan, or a completely new cast?

A. I actually am hearing rumors that RHONY Legacy may be turned into a new iteration of RHUGT… Scary Island reboot?!

Q: I’m naturally as shocked as everyone else about Tom and Ariana, but furthermore I cannot believe that Jax and Britany are still together. Did you think they would make it this long? Do you think they will make it last, or do you see have an “expiration guess-timation”?

“there’s something about her” #pumprules

– Blonde Hair Black Heart

A. I give Brittany a lot of credit because Jax is one of the most terrifying and unattractive human beings I have ever seen. But different strokes for different folks, ya know?!

Q: In all seriousness, what do you think will happen with Raquel n Tom and how do you think Ariana is doing now? As you stated on Twitter, “there is something about her” in reference to Ariana, and I highly agree with you.

A. I honestly would be surprised if Raquel came back. It would be a really rough season if she did, so she’d need to be paid a lot. Tom is such a narcissist I would be surprised if he didn’t come back.

Q: WHO and or What do you think the worst mistake a bravo HW ever made? What do u think the worst thing a HW can do (besides Physical harm)

A. Everything Kelly Dodd has ever done or said. She’s trash.

Q: What did you think about Sheana’s crop top wedding dress?

A. I am on Team Stassi and Kristina Kelly here.

Let’s play a WWHL Clubhouse Bravo game. My take on “Trash- Hun or Fashion” that I would like to call “Strut or Cut” because we don’t want to trash anyone’s wedding dress, right!?!?


Teresa – STRUT

Emily- Strut

Candiace Dillard Basset – Cut… not into the sleeves, sorry!

 Adriana RHOM – Cut, why is it grey?


Kandi – CUT


“i highly recommend up-lighting in your house


i have mine on automatic timers that work with Alexa! https://amzn.to/41gA6fj

– Blonde Hair Black Heart

Now, as you may know the name of my site is The Real Ugly Housewife. One of the topics I discuss is home living and interior design. I became a homeowner a few years back and my home is a Mid Century Modern. I had never really been drawn to the style before, but now I have a passion for the architecture and design. So, I was super excited when I saw the interior of YOUR home online.

Q: Did you design the home yourself?

A. We bought the house last summer and it was very basic. We have made a lot of small but impactful changes.

Q: How would you describe your sense of style when it comes to Interior design and decor?

A. I would call it… eclectic chic. It’s a little modern, a little funky, but very elegant and luxe.

Q: Who was or is your influence when it comes to interior designing?

A. I pull inspiration from all over, but I live in the Southwest, so I am inspired by a lot of the natural elements of the desert.

Q: Are there any Brands you would like to recommend for furniture or anything else you bought for your HOME. 

A. Our appliances are Cafe brand, and we get compliments all the time. I love them so much. Most of our furniture is honestly from Ashley Home Store or bought online on Overstock or Wayfair. I try not to spend a fortune but just find unique and timeless pieces that I can see myself having for a long time. 

Q: I love that you posted about getting carpets cleaned in your home at least 2x a year. Is there anything else you find necessary to do on a regular basis for cleanliness and wellness?

A. In addition to regular carpet cleanings, even if you can’t afford to have a regular cleaning service you should hire professionals to do a deep clean at least once or twice a year. We’re busy people and there will always be spots that we miss or forget about, so let’s let the professionals get down and dirty.

Q: As a married person I had to blend my style with my husbands, and it was not easy. How do you and your spouse compromise when it comes to selecting decor?

A. I am very lucky that my husband and I have very similar taste and/or he just smiles and nods a lot.

Q: If you could start all over from scratch and choose a completely different look, what would you go with?  

A. I wouldn’t. I am so in love with our home design. The colors – black, white, tan, and gold – will never go out style. It’s elegant and masculine and chic without feeling like it’s untouchable or not-lived-in. It feels like home. A really beautiful, fancy home.

Blake Adam is a music industry professional and pop culture connoisseur who loves serving hot takes on notable moments from TV, movies, music, & more! After years working in show business behind the scenes, Blake is happy to be in front of the mic bringing lots of LOLs with his celebrity guests from the stage, screen, and beyond!



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