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Host Easter Like The Real Housewives

“Hosting is an art form. It’s a delicate dance of timing, the ability to read the room and the art of conversation.”
-Todd Newton

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Christian religion. Many people may celebrate in many different ways but as for me and my house, we will Host like a Housewife using her “Black A-Mex” credit card.

“Have you heard the good news? He is risen.”

-Aaron Arkaway, The Sopranos

1. Food

Don’t be a Janice Soprano style hostess who waits till the last minute to get ready for her party with dishes stacked, leaving others to clean and prepare for her. For crying out loud even Marge from #RHONJ seems to have her stuff together when hosting such a beautiful day like Easter. Whether you go to church or like to throw parties, here is the right way to Host Easter like a Housewife, Bravo Style. So, get ready to clean, cook, and dress to impress.

PRO TIP! If it’s just you and your immediate family, a fun way to make the day even more rememberable do a family photo shoot with Fashionable Matching Outfits.

First make sure your kitchen is clean and you have beautiful platters and serving dishes. Nothing is tackier than plastic, Tupperware and foil. If you do not have these on hand, I have entered some links from Amazon for you. You might also want to think about pastel color flowers, candles and utensils. Click Photos below for product information.

Now you can’t be a good hostess if your guests leave, and they didn’t have fun. Make sure you have lots of candy and chocolate for everyone with plenty of snacks and drinks. You should also have music and an Egg hunt if you plan to have children over.

“Lamb is traditional Easter food. Christians refer to Jesus as the “Lamb of God”. Jews who converted to Christianity continued the tradition of eating lamb at Easter. Historically, lamb would have been one of the first fresh meats available after a long winter with no livestock to slaughter.”

The Menu

Coming up with a menu can be hard so I did it for you. Something quick and easy, so do not overthink it.

Lamb or Ribs, as the Main Entree

Potatoe Salad or Mashed Potatoes

Greek Salad or Asparagus

Lemonade & Iced Tea


Pro Tip! If you want to be an even better Hostess, have some fun gifts on hand. A huge Stuffed Bunny, or gift card can go a long way.

I’ve often wondered the reason for the Egg Hunt and this is what I found:

“In pre-Christian societies eggs held associations with new life. Early Christians made the egg a symbol and metaphor for Jesus’ tomb. On Easter Sunday lent ended with feasts and eggs were an important part of the celebration. This was true for poor people who couldn’t afford meat. The hunt, however, comes from Germany. Its origins date back to 16th century, Protestant reformer Martin Luther who organized egg hunts. Men would hide eggs for women and children. This was a nod to the story of the resurrection, in which the empty tomb was discovered by women.” -(www.english-heritage.org.uk)

PRO TIP! Make sure you speak to your guests and keep them engage by using Facts as a Conversation Starter like “Do you know why we hunt for eggs?”

3. Fashion

Q: Why do we wear white and new clothes & What are you supposed to wear on Easter?

“There is no theology about dressing up for Easter. The scriptures basically tell us that we should be clean and appropriate when we come into the house. If there is someone that is not blessed to have clean, new or dressy clothes, the church should receive them without any discrimination, McMillan said. “

– Micha Green
Baltimore Sun

“In A.D. 300, Emperor Constantine, created a decree that all his men were to wear their newest clothes on Easter”. (“Easter Fashion: A History and a Look Ahead,” Fabrictopia, 2022).

Today we associate pastel colors light blue, yellow, purple, pink, and green and with our Easter Fashion and decor. Women typically opting for the Classic Floral Dress or Long Skirts. Below I have some styles and suggestions for a most beautiful ensemble.

PRO TIP! Wear light Make-up and hair pulled back. Use a claw to prevent a windy Lip Gloss catastrophe.


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