Meet Jenny Blaze! Podcaster & MOM BOSS

Host of GoodPods #8 in the Top 100 Indie TV Reviews Chart

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It was October 2022; I was in Tennessee on Family vacation when I received a message and was asked to participate in a group video for Bravo con.  When I got back home, I finally saw the awesome video and all who participated…we all commented and chatted. It was then I was informally introduced to Miss Jenny Blaze. I became interested in her Twitter account and podcast and wanted to hear what she had to say. Being the beginning of the year it’s out with the old and in with the new, so I have decided to interview one Twitter account to Feature on my Blog TheRealUglyHousewife.com. My first request was to Jenny who gladly accepted and agreed to let me pick her brain. Here is the Mom Boss and what she has to say.

Let’s Meet Jenny!

Jenny Blaze is a Digital Entrepreneur, Content Creator, Cannabis Advocate in New York, who describes herself as “Non-Toxic (ish)’and a “Bravo Enthusiast” on her Twitter Bio. She is the host of GoodPods #8 in the Top 100 Indie TV Reviews Chart, the Bravo & Blaze with Jenny Blaze podcast available at AppleSpotifyAnchorGoogle PodcastsStitcher, and YouTube.


Q: Explain yourself in 3 words as a Pisces:

Unapologetically Emotionally Authentic

Q: Favorite song and or artist currently?

Candiace – Drive Back (Deep Space Deluxe Edition)

Q: Movie?

The last movie I watched that I thought was cute, had a twist, was funny and gave off modern nostalgia vibes is Do Revenge on Netflix.

Q: Favorite actress/ actor?

Andy Cohen in Sex in the City the original series

Q; Favorite Cocktail?

Gingerade kombucha, hibiscus black tea, or sparkling water with muddled berries & lime. No alcohol for me because I am California sober.

Q: Your Icon?

Lisa Barlow

Q: In doing my research for your Feature I came across a post that talked about your father n law and monster n law that’s funny because I too had a monster n law, and that is exactly what I used to call her!!  Tell me about your worst encounter or one of the things she’s said. For myself, I was actually Physically assaulted! Hopefully yours is not that bad.

Physically assaulted?! My experiences are nowhere near that level, but I do apologize for posting about my in-laws. I try not to post any of my dirty laundry but I’m also trying to be as authentic and transparent as possible. Anything I posted was in a moment of high emotions and I wouldn’t recommend others to post in that situation but I’m also human and can go back and explain to anyone if need be. I try to live by my values and if I feel wronged and hurt while enduring what I consider to be psychological abuse (based on a plethora of professional definitions), I’m going to talk about it. (Ramona shrug) I am sorry, but my biggest regret is wasting this much time even thinking about it.

“Just get into it and stop making excuses for ourselves.”

-Jenny blaze

Q: I often fall in a funk around this time of year, so when I came across your “Get out of your funk” question it struck a chord…are you still in a funk? How often do you feel the funk come around?

If you don’t ever feel in a funk, are you a psychopath? Kidding. But I think it’s very normal to have good days and bad days. Personally, I manage my depression and anxiety on a daily basis, but seasonal depression usually hits me hard. That’s why I have my own tools and methods to get out of those funks. I have a light therapy lamp that I use sometimes because studies show that mimicking outdoor light/sunshine, can improve Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Even the name of this condition is depressing.

Q:Below are the Before and after Pictures you posted of your podcast studio. Tell me more about your studio and the room. How do you make it feel like a serious workspace?



Well, I try not to make it a “serious” workspace but more of a professional studio that feels comfortable and is a reflection of my brand as a whole. Everything I do is in this space and online, so I need it to be functional for my audio, video, lighting, and photography needs.

“Peacock is definitely bringing the upgraded production value and I wish we could get that for all the franchises”.

-Jenny Blaze

Q: Tell me about your remodel process. What motivated this remodel?

We bought this house about 8 years ago and with our growing family our needs at home changed a lot. My husband has changed his office in this house 3 times. I have changed my office twice and had NO office for some time. But now that I have become an entrepreneur, I am manifesting my authentic life and style. Life is too short to feel like you have to fit someone else’s box.

Q: What colors/brand paint did you use and how long did it take? (Seemed like you finished that super quick) …the lighting looks good too, what did you use?

Honestly, it felt like forever for me. I used “Cracked Pepper” from Behr and painted literally every surface. That was the easy part. I had to recruit my husband to help me with some carpentry work and moving the bookshelf back and forth but I still don’t feel done with my makeover. I had a goal of having my new background for my shows, so I prioritized the list of tasks that needed to be done and kept it moving. Time is money. Decisions need to be made and done is better than perfect.

Q: I’ve seen a few of your tech gadgets in your photos, such as lighting and audio hardware…what type of computer/hardware do you have, need, recommend or want to talk about?

When I first started, I had a Lenovo Yoga laptop, USB mic, basic lighting kit, and USB webcam. I didn’t even use headphones. Now I use a Mac Book Pro, an audio interface, AKG mic, external hard drive and second monitor.

Q: Can you show us a picture of your set up behind the scenes?

Q: U HAVE A JOVANI!!! Please tell me how you obtained the dress!? What is a gift? Did you simply walk in the store and purchase it? what was the quality?

The Jovani has a whole story that I told on my last live stream of the year. Essentially, I bought it used online from someone who wore it to her prom for $100 and I love it!

Q: Now the only reason I know what a Jovani is, is because of RHONY…so let’s talk about our mutual love for Bravo & The Real Housewives.

“It’s disappointing to find out that a lot is smoke and mirrors.”

Jenny Blaze


Q: Looking through your posts its very clear that you are a stan HW of Lisa Barlow from RHOSLC …what is about her that you stan?

I love that Lisa has strong values, is a mom boss, and uses facts and data to make decisions.

Q: A lot of people give Teddi flack for her boringness…. what is your take on Teddi then and now?

Honestly, I hate RHOBH and never really watched the series until Teddi’s last season when she was pregnant, and Sutton came on and made her cry. I didn’t understand why everyone hated her so much, but I did think she was kind of boring. She was at the Bravopalooza that I was in, but I was too exhausted to introduce myself. I don’t have any hard feelings towards her. I don’t really have any feelings towards her but if given the opportunity I would probably talk to her to try to get to know her.

Q: (Seems like a lot of people are changing their minds as of late) …. who else do you find to be a Boring housewife?

I wouldn’t say she’s boring right now, but I am so over Heather Gay on RHOSLC. I interviewed her former bestie, employee, personal assistant who may currently be Jen Shah’s assistant, Murilo Bueno, back in April of 2022 and I haven’t really been able to look at her the same ever since.

Q: Most people tend to give Dorit K a lot of props for her fashion skills…Do you agree?

Yes. I think Dorit can go label heavy sometimes but it’s part of her style and I’m not mad at her for it. She always looks amazing.

Q: Who do you find the most Fashionable? …we all Know that Gizelle tends to get the most hate… What are your thoughts on her Un fashionable ways?

Most fashionable in all of Bravo for me right now is Rachel Clark from Winter House. I know she’s not a Housewife, but I need to give her an honorable mention because I think she’s amazing and I’m not sure everyone knows it yet. As far as unfashionable goes, I feel like there are alot of Housewives who are not very fashionable at times but what does fashionable even mean? It’s so subjective.

Q: I started watching Bravo when I was about 25, I thought WWHL was the coolest show, but it was RHONJ that really got my attention because my obvious love for The Sopranos. What is your origin story with Bravo and what was the Franchise that hit the spot for you?

I’ve been watching Bravo before Housewives existed. I watched during Project Runway, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and Kathy Griffin: My Life on The D-List days. So, watching Vicki Gunvalson on RHOC screaming about a family van was pretty memorable for me. And when RHONJ first started, I was living very close to Franklin Lakes, so it felt like I was getting a glimpse into the scene I was living in without having to go out and socialize. Teresa flipping a table is burned into my brain forever.  

“I just think it’s fascinating to see the decisions people make and how they behave.”

-Jenny Blaze

Q: Everyone has a favorite franchise, currently which is yours and why?

RHOSLC used to be my favorite, but I find a lot of things to be unsavory. So, I’ll say RHOM is currently my favorite but close behind that is RHODubai. I love how the diversity of religion and culture adds another layer and dynamic to the franchises. I would also like to see more international franchises. Particularly, I would like to see a Seoul, South Korea Housewives franchise or a show in the US about a group of Koreans similar to Shahs of Sunset or Family Karma.  

Q: Ramona singer seems to come up a lot on your page as well, but I don’t get the feeling you stan her because of the Gif mood. Please tell me your opinion on RHONY Ramona Singer, when you first saw her VS now?

Ramona is just unbelievable in so many ways. I can’t even begin to dissect my feelings towards her but at the end of the day, she delivers killer cringey gifs and cringe is part of my brand so there you go…. (Ramona shrug)

Q: Any words on her marriage and divorce? …her relationship with Sonja?

No words. SMILEY)(

Did u find her behavior on this last season towards ebony problematic?

I find her behavior on every season problematic. She is problematic in general.

Currently Bravo is airing RHOSLC, RHOM & RHOP. Who do you think is an odd ball out and who is the star of each?


Lisa Barlow is the star and Heather Gay can go (little girl). 


Larsa Pippen is the star this season and I’m not sure why Dr. Nicole is even here. 


Candiace is the star this season.  I may be biased because I saw her sing live at Andy’s Legends Ball and now, I am forever a fan.  Mia is giving me oddball vibes this season but it feels weird because I met her at Bravocon and we had a meet cute, so I’m torn.    

I’ve heard you speak on the difference in production between Bravo n Peacock, what other thoughts do you have on production quality and the value they bring to each city?

Peacock is definitely bringing the upgraded production value and I wish we could get that for all the franchises.

RHOA is not currently airing but when thinking of the latest cast, who do you relate to the most?

I think I relate most to Kandi because I feel like she’s the most authentic and down to earth one. Plus, I met her at Bravocon and speaking to her and Don Juan felt so comfortable.

Who do u think is the most relatable with the audience overall from RHOA?

Maybe Kandi?

I absolutely fell in love with F.O. LaToya…I thought her fashion was on point and shade was good, but I thought she needed a 2nd season. Did she make any type of impression on you?

I would’ve liked to see another season from her. I thought she was entertaining.

In speaking of 2nd chances, on second seasons for Housewives, where do you stand on hypothetically making it a mandatory part of the contract?

I don’t think it should be mandatory, but I think it should be weighed in heavily in casting decisions for upcoming seasons. One and done’s (like Diana Jenkins) need to happen sometimes but I feel that they should be less frequent than what we see overall.

I’ve been on Twitter for just over a year now and my feeling amongst our little community is that we are ALL sort of “starstruck” so to speak. As a fellow Bravo fan, I’m wondering if you maybe grew up with an infatuation of celebrities, and Hollywood like I did?

I have a strange relationship with media. I have always been fascinated with technology in general but was wise enough to ask questions about what is going on behind the scenes and as someone who wants to believe the best in people, it’s disappointing to find out that a lot is smoke and mirrors.

I find reality TV extremely interesting because it feels like the study of psychology, sociology, and anthropology. However, there is a debate in the anthropological field whether a camera subconsciously or even consciously changes someone’s behavior. I think we see that a lot on Bravo and I just think it’s fascinating to see the decisions people make and how they behave. But I am also very grateful and have respect to reality stars for even putting themselves out there because I think that experience has a strange psychological effect on them as well. I’m not sure I would be able to handle what they experience. I’m sensitive.

When I came across your Interview with Murilo I was super impressed! What advice would you give to new podcasters, vloggers and content creators when approaching/requesting an interview with a “Bravo leb” for the tea?

Honestly, I didn’t reach out to Murilo. He reached out to me. Just like Hannah Ferrier of Below Deck reached out to me to be a guest on her podcast. My advice for anyone wanting to get started is to just ENGAGE. People will start to recognize your handle/logo/brand once you start showing up consistently.

I want to discuss BravoCon with you! I saw that you met Sarah A. From Dubai….I love almost everything about her…mostly her sense of fashion and her perfect jawline…but anyhow please do tell me about her vibes.

I love Sara! She’s another Housewife I have a mom boss crush on. She was so sweet in person but also incredibly sweet on Instagram. When you support others, they notice it.

Talk to me about the bravo con experience from when you open the doors to this huge conference room [I’m only imagining] and walking in, to going to sleep… we’re you completely exhausted?

Bravocon is what I would imagine Burning Man or Coachella is for normal people. I didn’t eat or sleep. Time didn’t exist. It was nonstop and I was in full Jenny Blaze activation mode. I boldly approached Bravolebs left and right to introduce myself. I gave some of them gifts, my business card, and we’ve continued to stay in touch ever since. I also got to interview Dr. Contessa (Married to Medicine), Reza Farahan (Shahs of Sunset & The Traitors), and TJ Dinch (Southern Hospitality).

I’ve seen your merch before, did you have a booth set up at Bravo Con?

I did not have a booth set up at Bravocon. I have an online shop (BravoAndBlaze.com) where I drop ship novelty merch.

Jenny Blaze of Bravo & Blaze is taking her professional and personal experiences as an entrepreneur and teaching other Cannamoms to design and custom create their own cannabis career path.

The Mom Boss


Q: Ok now speaking of booths…I really would love to just talk about business…. Tell me about your Merch.

“People will start to recognize your handle/logo/brand once you start showing up consistently.”

-Jenny Blaze

I started my merch because I wanted to make products that reminded me of funny Bravo moments that brought me joy. I used my technical skills to figure out how to drop ship so that I didn’t have to make any products myself. I design the merch, an order comes in from a customer, an integration is set up with a drop ship manufacturer who gets the order. Then they make the product and ship it to the customer.

Q: Tell me about your cannabis kit, the tools that u recommend and where to find them.

Lately I have been just using Raw cones, a lock box from Amazon that has a tray and my Her Highness NYC grinder. I also have great accessories from one of my brand partners, Frankie Smoke, who has luxury smoking accessories that are SO CHIC! 

Q: What is your best closing advice for your followers on becoming a mom boss?

My advice is to not wait. I’ve seen alot of people want to do things perfectly and then wind up not doing anything at all. Just get started and your brand, purpose, and offerings can evolve.


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Photos by Jenny Blaze


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