Not Feeling Pretty?

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.c

It’s the end of the year again, and well…let’s face it… some of us have probably had a cocktail or two, maybe some extra pie we didn’t need and definitely not enough water. So, let’s start over, rehydrate from the inside out and get our skin glowing again. Before we can work on our outer beauty, we have to start from within by drinking plenty of water. Research shows for approximately every 100 milligrams of caffeine you consume – for instance, the approximate amount in one cup of coffee or two cups of black tea – you should drink an additional cup of water to compensate for the drug’s diuretic effect. ( Now, for the face you wear daily for the world to see, you will need some extra help with skin care routines. I have listed my top-rated skin care products from Amazon as based on some recommendations from The Real Housewives such as Sutton Stracke and Kyle Richards of RHOBH.

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