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Steve Madden Comfy Shoes from Amazon

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“I’m a New York Story.”

-Steve Madden

*Amazon Affiliate Links included above each photo.

I remember the ads in the magazines. I remember the standout fashion and vibes I got from his commercials. He may have not been cut out for The Wolf of Wallstreet life, but Steve Madden is the King of women’s shoes. Whatever his trick is, has worked all this time because his pieces are still stylish, posh and sophisticated. He knows how to stay relevant in the fashion industry and knows what we want as customers who evolve with the times. Here are my Top 10 favorite finds from Steve Madden on Amazon.

  1. Ankle Boot



4.  Amulet Ankle Boot

5.  Kimmie Espadrille Wedge Sandal

6. Trifecta Loafer


8. Kandi Slip-on Loafer

9. Trifecta Loafer

10. Cobra Fashion Boot


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