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Save Hundreds of Dollars by NOT buying this 1 thing at the Grocery Store

I have a family of 6 and we tend to go through food as if it’s going out of of style. During the summer time I have found our grocery bill has almost doubled during the week because the kids want to constantly snack. In order to avoid spending more money I have had to take a closer look at our spending. I analyzed and researched my own receipts to find our family trends. There wasn’t much wiggle room so I decided to to change only 1 spending habit. By not buying this one specific item I have started to save so much money. Learn how to save almost $600.00 on your grocery bill.

If you had the option to pay 25 dollars or a hundred dollars for groceries every time you went shopping, which amount would you choose? I hope you answered 25$ . Well yes, I would to. While I can’t show you how to do that, I can show you how so save 75 cents on the dollar every day.

Now, I just want to do a little bit of math here. I have a family of 6 and we go through two gallons of water a day on average. That’s 60.00 a month and $720 a year I used to spend on Water. Now filling up 2 gallons at the machine is just 50 cents a day, I’m saving $45.00 a month. So…doing just this one trick at the grocery store will save you $540.00 a year!!!

There are some things in life we want and some things in life we need. What is the one thing no human can survive without? I’ll give you a hint. It’s on the periodic table as H20. Water. Yup. Thats it. Stop buying water at the grocery store and fill up at your local water n ice location and pay just 25 cents a gallon VS 1.00 gallon. The math is simple. It adds up very quick. I have done this for a year now and I have saved us so much!

To some, maybe $540.00 doesn’t seem like much, but If you break it down and think about it, breaking this one small habit is worth it. A monthly manicure, an oil change, or new pair of heels every month sounds good to me. And if you save the entire year you can use that money for a short getaway with the family, or “stay-cation” at the Holiday Inn for the weekend. The choice is yours, whatever you do, but always remember to invest in YOU!

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