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The Real Housewives- Top 10 Drinks

1. Hennessey


Thats right! Starting off with Miss P Williams of RHOA. Everyone knows this queen loves her some intense flavor.

2. The Bellini


I’m not gonna get too deep here but I remember a time this was a thing.

3. Rose…now Frose

Luanne Instagram

The Countess will remain in my personal dictionary as the Rose Queen, however these days you should expect to find her drinking Frose as she has decided to stop drinking alcohol.

4. The Margarita

Bethany Frankel Instagram

A simple yet classic drink with a feminine touch! You can only assume such a dainty Kyle Richards would be holding herself a glass of the very same.

5. Corona Light


Before her mom life began it was all crop tops and Corona Lights for this girl.

6. Champagne


Heather Dubrow of RHOC has a button she can press whenever she desires a sip of bubbly. No matter what type of event, you can be sure that she will be popping bottles.

7. Extra Dirty Martini, 3 Olives


Dorinda Medley may like it nice, but she likes her Martini really dirty. A woman who works hard, deserves to play hard.

8. Casa Migos Reposado


Who could ever forget the most cringe worthy scene in the history of drink orders? Seriously, I felt horrible for the waiter. Anyhow, this woman and ex housewife of RHOBH made it very clear what her drink of choice is.

9. Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon


As stated by Monique Samuel’s herself on Twitter her favorite drink is:

10. Bloody Mary

Saving the best for last, enjoying myself a Bloody Mary on my wedding anniversary. You can usually find me drinking 1 or 2 these on Saturday afternoons at Red Lobster or Malibu Jack’s in Lexington.

What are some of your favorite drinks? Which housewives did I forget?

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