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Strong As They Come: RHONJ Jennifer Aydin Throws Pool Party While Husband Hides

Photo by Bravo

Watching last night’s episode of real housewives of New Jersey I was amazed at some of these women and the way they acted. Having said that, there was one woman in particular that impressed me. After watching the previous episode I knew that cast member Jennifer Ayden was not going to have it easy this season.”Last night was rough” Jennifer states referring to the 1st episode where she was accused of being fake for acting like her life is perfect. Margaret yelled everybody knows “Bill cheated on Jennifer with the office manager”. Jennifer then corrected her and stated it was not an office manager, it was a pharmaceutical rep. Cut to the beginning of episode 2, we see a tired, slow moving, casually dressed Jennifer. She manages to throw her daughter a pool party while suffering mentally from the previous evening. She offered salad, grilled chicken and pizza to her guests and sounds somber all the while tending to her daughters party. During her confessional she admits “I’m not letting anybody know that mommy is having a meltdown.” She helps her daughter with her drink and gently reminds Olivia “I’m only letting you have soda because it’s your party”. Meanwhile, her husband Bill is “hiding upstairs because he is so embarrassed” she tells producers in her confessional. She continues to greet her guests while putting the soda back in the cooler. Theresa then enters the party shortly followed by Delores. Serving the ladies grapes, and offering water with lemon and ice, she recounts her version of how she found out Bill was in fact cheating on her. Though she does get teary eyed, she stays calm under pressure for her children. She ends her conversation with “I got an ice cream truck coming”, in typical Jennifer fashion. The ladies end the conversation about the affair and proceed outside to get some ice cream. It must be stated that Jennifer may be many things to many people, but she is not a weak woman. She just might be the strongest of them all and by all accounts seems like a really good mom. Props to her for holding it together while embarrassed Bill took a nap. Had it been me, I just might have canceled that party all together and took a nap too.

Photo by Bravo

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