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3 Day Cleanse & Workout

Every so often when I’m feeling stressed out or overwhelmed I tend to do this thing where I just eat everything in sight for weeks on end. Not only that, but I tend to drink alcohol and when I drink, I smoke cigarettes too. Gross, I know. I do this to myself about once a year and it usually coordinates with the holidays. Anyhow, I’ve done it again and now I need to undo the damage by doing a cleanse. I don’t consider it a diet, I like to think of it as a kickstart. I do the cleanse over a 3 day period and find it very helpful. It gives me the motivation and inspiration to get back into my long-term healthy lifestyle. Here’s what I eat and the exercises I do to get rid of  inflammation, detoxify, and get my skin glowing from the inside out again.

Breakfast Smoothie:

Ingredients Mango, Strawberry, blueberry, pineapple and banana, ice & water or Naked Green Machine

First thing in the morning I make a smoothie. I like to use berries for their antioxidants and water to keep everything as close to its original state. I do not add any sweetener, juice or milk. Simply add the ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth. This usually keeps me feeling light enough to workout, but full enough to stop from overeating.

Ham N Eggs Post Workout

This high protein meal will help fight bloating and inflammation. It will keep you fuller, longer and aid with muscle building.

Snack: Avocado and Turkey on Gluten Free Whole Grain Wheat Bread or substitute with Egg *Nature’s own whole grain wheat bread has gluten free options*

I love avocados and I could eat them all day. When I find myself feeling hungry or having a craving, this snack usually does the trick for me. The key is only one piece of bread. This should help get you through the cravings.

Dinner: Kale Salad with Salmon

You don’t have to eat Kale or even salmon. I think its really just the mix of greens and omega 3s that help. Try substituting with other greens and white meat such as chicken or turkey.

Water & Green Tea

If you’re like me and love your coffee every morning, and a soda in the afternoon, this one can be tough. Try trading your morning coffee with green tea or water. Make sure to chug lots of water throughout the day to help get the toxins out. If you still need something better or something with a little flavor, try Iced Green Tea with Sweet N Low or Splenda. It definitely helps me get through the day without feeling like I need a soda.

One Mile Run

Growing up in apartments that had a gym with a treadmill helped me out a lot in my younger days. Who knows where I would be if I’d never had the option to just go running when I felt like it. When you live in a shady neighborhood, I think going for a jog outside is questionable.  I wouldn’t do it and wouldn’t let my friends do it. Today my problem is more about the weather andworrying about getting hit by a car. So I was lucky enough to be able to buy a treadmill. Now, when I am doing the cleanse routine, I make sure to run at least a mile or for 20 minutes. Whichever comes first. This really gets my blood flowing and gives me a natural high. If I want to step it up even more, I’ll run two times in one day.

Zumba 20 minutes with weights

After I go for my run, I like do keep it going with Zumba and my weights. I understand Zumba is old and outdated im sure, but its fun, and that keeps me interested in my workout. Twenty minutes is all I need to feel the burn.


Stretching &Yoga

If I had a pool and still lived in Arizona I would choose swimming over any exercise. Burns calories and builds muscle extremely fast for me. But gone are those days of cooling off in the pool after my workouts so I had to substitute it. I like to practice yoga now and just do simple stretching to finish. It should be pretty easy to do for anyone no matter where you are. If you can keep to the eating plan and follow it up with exercise for only 3 days, you will see a difference.

Bonus: Swimming 20 laps

If you are blessed enough to have a pool then I highly recommend adding this in. The results are worth it and you will love how fast you notice the change.

So there you have it. My little secret weapon to getting back my GLOW.

*With that being said, I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, so as always, you should check with your doctor before you start a new workout routine or diet.*

Have a secret routine to kickstart your life back into a healthy routine? I would love to know. Please share your secret below!


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