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Foodie Review: EL CID- A Traditional Mexican Restaurant

Lexington, Kentucky 304 S Limestone

Photo Credit: Facebook

Mapquest Photo

Located in Lexington, right near the University of Kentucky lies a hidden gem. Not so easy to find at night and I did not plan for parking and walking but I made it.

Mapquest Photo

Walking in it was nothing like I had expected. Upon looking over the website I had read the words “Traditional Mexican Restaurant” but stumbled onto a very loud, tiny and super packed college scene. The place jammed with college students, football, and hiphop music it felt like a tradition rather than traditional. On a late Saturday night, I was told it would be a fifteen minute wait for a table. I chose to endure the wait because it was cold. I don’t think I waited 10 minutes before I was seated. The DJ was in his zone, taking it back to 2007 with Nelly Furtado and Timbaland until he finally locked it into Drake. Thank you for that! I think I waited maybe 10 more minutes before my food arrived. Perfect. I ordered the Barbacoa and Street Tacos de Carnitas.

Tacos Barbacoa Facebook Photo

A slightly different look and vibe from what I’m used to growing up in Arizona but I wasn’t gonna not try. I took my barbacoa tacos, dipped it in the juice and took a bite. It was off the chain and so were the street tacos. Honestly I haven’t stopped dreaming about them since that day.

If you’re ever in Lexington and want to try something filling that gives you a warm, cozy feeling inside, then you need to go to El Cid. Try the barbacoa. You won’t regret it!

El Cid Photo

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