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How To Dress When You’re Pregnant

I struggled hard with my first pregnancy when it came to fashion. The second time around I tried a little harder but I feel like the 3rd time was a charm! Here are some of my top looks while pregnant with my third child.

I was only about 3 months pregnant but you can see the layout. Stretchy all black base, Beautiful white tennis shoes and a loose denim jacket. Don’t forget the shades and watch!


Around Halloween, closer to four to five months pregnant, I opted for loose white button up, stretchy denim jeans, clean white shoes topped off with my red ribbon.

For date night with hubby I wore a stretchy cocktail dress, lace motor jacket and velvet secretary flats.


Black tank top, grey sweater, scarf, maternity jeans, black boots aldo purse.


Stretchy skirt, turtle neck,scarf denim jacket, pumps.

Black cocktail dress, camel coat, pumps Aldo purse pearl earrings
Hanging out around the house enjoying my Pregnancy levis and grey stretchy long sleeve
All black base scarf boots
Fleece leggings pants tank top
Fur coat, boots, pants, top
Long pink blazer


The trick: I learned to stick to an all black base, stretchy but close to the body, and then something loose to throw on top to hide my humps and lumps. Just do your hair and throw on some fabulous oversized shades with a beautiful handbag and your good to go!


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