How To Take Baby Proofing To The Next Level

If you have kids you know how crazy things can get in the home once your little crawlers become walkers. Especially when you have more than one kid mixed in with some high energy DNA, you might find yourself feeling outnumbered and overwhelmed. Myself, I have 4 children. All under 10, and 3 of which are highly active compared to my oldest. Anyhow, as I try to navigate life during a pandemic I find myself in messy situations more than I’d like to admit. Eventually my kids figured out how to unlock all the devices and I had to level up again. Here are some of the extreme ideas I implemented after the first round of baby proofing ran its course. I’ve also included Amazon Affiliate Links below.

Tie your kitchen chairs to the table

My kids’ favorite thing to do was pull up our bar height chairs and raid the top cabinets/pantry. Well after cleaning up syrup and cereal several times, I decided enough was enough and I tied all my chairs to the table. My table is oak so I used jute rope. I recommend using something pretty and tie them down in a way you can still easily sit down when pulling the chair outwards.


Tie your cabinets with string

Using simple shoe string works best for me. Just tie it in a double bow. Use a color close to your paint color to make it easier on the eye.


Tie your fridge with ribbon

Don’t ruin your stainless steel! Use something soft to tie/lock the fridge and keep them from grabbing the milk and pouring it all out over your beautiful hardwood floors.

Lock all your doors and keep a key handy at all times

For the bedroom doors and bathrooms, I would keep these locked and hang a key around my neck on a necklace or a lanyard. I’ve found the kids locked themselves in the bathroom eating the toothpaste too many times.

Chain Locks

Add chain locks up high in addition to knob locks for your doors that lead outside. This will provide double security if they can’t get to it after they’ve figured out the bottom lock.

Empty the entire room

Remove everything from their bedrooms except the bed/bedding. My daughter must have a future in interior design because every night she would rearrange her entire room. I woke up to clothes no longer on hangers or in the drawers. So I removed everything except her bed and the simplest bedding. I did the same with baby boys’ stuff too. All of their clothes are in my room. I understand you can also attach your furniture to the wall but my kids managed to break the dress and damage the wall in attempt to remove.


Install shelves and hooks up high in bathroom. Keep electronics or dangerous cleaning chemicals up high.

Sink and Toilet Locks

Lock your sinks and toilets. If they can walk they can probably pull themselves up to the sink and turn the water on, and potentially cause water damage. My kids love to do that and have a blast clogging our toilets with whatever they can find.


Protect your beautiful TV:

Strap your flat screen TV down and purchase protection for the screen. The screen protector is not cheap but probably worth it.

Empty Bottoms

Keep all of your lower cabinets empty in your bathrooms and kitchen. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of bending over to pick up lids to my pots and pans and the loud noises they make with all of it.


My house is not an open floor plan. It’s just the opposite. For this problem I’ve hung up lots of mirrors in strategic places so that I have a pair of eyes in the back of my head. It’s awesome and it freaks the kids out.

A 3rd set of eyes

Don’t throw away that baby monitor just yet!! Use it to your advantage for when you need it the most. If you need to take a call from a client, step away in peace and use that video monitor so you can at least try to pay attention to the call.

Thoughts? Too extreme? Let me know what works or doesn’t work for you.


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