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The Sopranos: Gifts For You and Your Loved Ones

Disclaimer: Amazon Affiliate Links Included Below

I’ll never forget the day I turned 19 and walked into Blockbuster. If you don’t know what Blockbuster is, it was a physical video store you could walk into, and rent a DVD or VHS. Anyhow, I knew I had no plans to party or be with friends because I was always an introvert, so I decided to have a movie night with my boyfriend. Well, that day changed everything for me when I saw the cover of The Soprano’s DVD. It was always something I had wanted to watch and now that I had my own job and my own money to spend I decided to invest in myself and in The Soprano’s. Sixteen years later, I have no regrets. Now I have a collection of gifts that have been given to me because everyone knew about my obsession. “Oh it’s for Jena? Get her something Soprano’s”, my cousins would say. So here we are, many years into future, still obsessed and still watching. I know I’m not alone as there is such thing as Soprano’s Twitter. This is for you guys, who share my passion and obsession, and show it everyday on Twitter and other media’s. Here is a list of gifts for all things Soprano’s. Salud!

DVD Collection


Recipe and Entertaining Book


Autographed Picture Copy


Duck Painting









All Photos by Amazon


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