RHOC: House Husband Ryne, Not Ryan

Ryne Holliday

I just wanna start today’s post by saying saying that a lot of people are referring to Dr. Jen’s husband as Ryan. His name is Ryne. Ryne Holliday. Now that I have got that covered, I would like to address some posts on Twitter. A lot of people seem to question his wardrobe choices, or lack there of. Also people do not like the fact that he stays home with the kids. So I did a little digging. Here’s what I found.

Ryne Holliday is Jen Armstrong’s (from RHOC) husband. He’s Her originally from Canada and was born in October of 1979,which makes him a whopping forty two years old. He is the president of a travel company “Hawaii Hideaways”, based out of Hawaii. And according to his own website and Reality Tit Bit, he is the Conde Nast Traveler-recommended “Villa Rental Specialist”. While I do remember Jen having mentioned her husband ran an AirBnB type business, I quickly seemed to have forgotten because they’ve only shown footage of him at home, playing with his children. Anyhow, as for the absence of shirts, we have seen he at least has the common courtesy of wearing one to a restaurant. Just don’t ask him to wear one at school pick-ups/drop-offs.


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