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FILM REVIEW: Music Box: Juice WRLD- Into the Abyss


If you know anything about hip hop, or even if you don’t, this is a must watch! Before watching this documentary, I was only mildy educated on Mr. Juice. I had heard his songs while streaming on Alexa and subconsciously liked them all. However, the magic of the documentary and the man they call Juice WRLD gave me life and brought me back! This man, this genius, this angel can freestyle off the top, for minutes at a time, making everything rhyme, with rhythm and beat in a way I have never seen, all while telling a story that makes sense. Just writing about it gives me the chills. I won’t go into detail about the documentary itself as I found it a tad emotional, but as you can tell Juice WRLD himself struck a cord in me. Very well put together, I give this documentary a five star review mainly for his ability to do what he did. He created magic. He was magic and you simply must see it for yourself.



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