FILM REVIEW: The Last Duel


A tale of a woman who cried rape, told three times over. The story SHE tells, the story her husband tells, and the story as told by the accused. All of which leave us wondering what story is actually the truth. When the woman finally steps up to the authorities she finds she has placed her life in even more jeopardy as she endures a court trial led by King Charles VI to decide if this shall end in a medieval style duel. He obviously grants the request hence the name The Last Duel. Directed by Ridley Scott, who gave us Blade Runner and Thelma & Louise, this movie was based on true events which is shown to the audience in chapters. Quite the runner in showtime with a whopping two and a half hours of your life, you will see for yourself the devil is in the details. Good acting from Adam Driver, Matt Damon and Jodie Comer. Ben Affleck pretty much plays himself as usual, but aside from that they each give a good performance. Maybe a little too long for my taste but still a good story nonetheless. Giving three stars for high production, quality acting and a decently written storyline.


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