FILM REVIEW: Being The Ricardos’


I was five years old, sitting on my living room floor the first time I was graced by Lucille Ball’s presence. I had no idea what was actually going on but I do remember the excitement I felt watching her. Her. However, like most people, I grew up, and forgot all about Lucille Ball. Until now. This movie is serving nostalgia on a silver platter. Even better, we get a behind the scenes look into her and Desi’s relationship. The movie takes place over one weeks time during what the writers and producers considered a “scary week” for everyone involved. We see the way they met, their relationship with opposing stars Fred & Ethel and a look into their marriage. It’s nothing close to their on-screen portrayal. The chemistry between Nicole and Javier is so explosive, it feels as though I’m actually watching Lucy and Desi. The acting, cast and jokes are all on point, giving us the same laughs many of us experienced all those years ago. Aside from Nicole’s accent, this film is worth every star I give. Five out of five. A must watch!


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