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Entertaining With the Housewives: A Guide to Hosting an Elegant Brunch

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We can all take some advice from the hostess with the mostest, Dorinda Medley and “make it nice“. Here’s a checklist to ensure you have everything you need to feel confident, poised and prepared for your event. After all, it’s not just a brunch when you’re the hostess, it’s an event! Now go and be the boss babe you are, show off your style and personality, and I promise your guests will always remember you as a gracious host.

First…if you’ve never entertained or hosted an event as an adult, I would suggest reading and buying some books on the topic. Cookbooks are also a great way to get started. I definitely recommend two of my favorites, “Make it Nice”, by Dorinda Medley, and “Entertaining with the Soprano’s”, as compiled by Mrs. Carmela Soprano herself. She was the first real Housewife if you ask me. Just Saying.

Entertaining with the Sopranos

Now, hopefully you’ve got your date, time and location all picked out so we can plan accordingly. Pick a fun theme or just make it easy and choose a color scheme. The classic “White Out” is a timeless theme that can never go wrong. It photographs very well and is so pleasing to the eye. Once you have a theme I would start with the table setting. This might be a dinner table, an Island, or even your coffee table. Pick your Centerpiece and then style outwards sticking with your color scheme. Here’s one perfect for many occasions.

Next, you’ll need to make sure your guests are hydrated. Whether you’re serving water or cocktails it’s always fun to have a fancy drink in your hand. Make sure you have set of matching glass wear or if you’re opting for plastic, choose a clear cup. This way you can see the colors and contrast of the garnish. DON’T FORGET TO GARNISH! Here’s something simple and classy to fit any event.

Cocktail Glass Set

Do the same with your dinnerware and plan to have a set on hand, especially for entertaining. I love anything versatile like the one posted below. I’m a schmuck for the modern square style set.

Last, I would add all the accessories. This would be the napkins, rings, and cutlery. Please, I beg you to purchase some cloth napkins. They add so much class and style without breaking the bank. The napkin rings come in almost every material you can think of, so just choose according to your style. As for the cutlery I cannot wait to get my hands on a gold set. I’m thinking of getting these for myself this holiday season.

12 Pieces Gold Napkin Rings Metal Spiral Napkin Rings
Berglander Flatware Set 20 Piece, Stainless Steel with Titanium Gold Plated

Don’t forget the most important part of the event, the reason why everyone attends, which would be the food. The easiest way to decide and put the meal together is to pick your main course, pair it with appetizers and a beautiful dessert to finish off your event. My favorite go-to, something easy and quick would-be Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo with garlic bread for the main course. Appetizers would include a salad and stuffed mushrooms with my favorite New York Style Cheesecake for dessert. You can find a New Jersey Style Cheesecake in the book listed above “Entertaining with the Soprano’s”. For small tables or islands, use a tray to stack upwards and save space.

4 Piece Buffet Station
Charcuterie Board

Besides all the physical necessities don’t forget good music, lighting and good company.

Good luck and Bon Appétit!

Did I miss anything? Feel free to add your idea’s, I would love to hear what you think!


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