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How To: Become A Notary Public in Kentucky in One Day!

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1. Start early in the morning and go to:


2. Click on: Become A Notary; and or Submit Notary Application for Appointment or Reappointment Online

3. Click on: Download paper application and also fill out your information online.

4. Once you have filled out your paper application you will need to take a picture of the form, change it to PDF and upload it.

5. Once you have completed all of the above you will need to proceed to payment which is only $10.00. Submit, and you should receive an email fairly quickly of confirmation. If that doesn’t work, call the SOS office and they will help you. They are very nice in that office. Don’t be intimidated, I promise they will help you.

6. Once you have confirmed everything was received and completed you are ready to head over to your local County Clerk’s Office. Let them know you are there to take your Oath for Notary Public. There, you will pay one more FEE of $25.00 and you will receive your certificate. You are now a certified Notary Public. Congratulations!

7. You WILL need to buy a stamp to use on all documents. These are available online or in-store. Mine was $20.00 and had to be ordered which took a few more days. Once you receive your stamp, you’re all set!

8. I recommend researching Titles, Acknowledgements and Jurats. Those were easiest for me. Buying a course is not necessary but very helpful. If you decide to pay for a course I highly recommend only NNA or LSS.

Disclaimer: While getting your certificate can take only one day, delays might happen, and you will still need to wait for your stamp.Don’t get discouraged. Good luck in your journey!

Supplies you might want to check out:

Notary Journal


Notary Stamp (Required to have)


A Fancy Pen


VIP Notary of Kentucky (859)-613-3747 Harrodsburg, Kentucky

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