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The Real Housewives

Elements of The Housewife Lifestyle

Do you ever find yourself watching Housewives on vacation and wish you were on vacation too? No? Well, I do. It’s not so much the vacation itself, but rather the way the sun, the beach and the food are all captured with such beauty and perfection. I would love to have someone capture me in all these moments of bliss. But I don’t have a ton of money with great lighting and a film crew to do that. What I do have is a camera which I have decided to put to good use. I am going to show you how to recreate these moments of bliss in all its fashionable glory while capturing it camera. It wouldn’t hurt your Instagram to add a little pizazz. Here’s what I’ve come up with using what I’ve got.


Restaurant with Patio outdoor seating

Colorful Meal

The perfect outfit/HAMU




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