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RHOC: Noella

-Should Bravo Keep Her or Release Her?

In the OC, it’s easier to fit in, but much more fun to stand out.

– Noella B. Tagline RHOC Season 16
Photo Credit Noella IG
Photo Credit Noella IG

A new housewife has arrived on the scene. It’s been 3 episodes and she has already announced her husband is leaving her. Except it’s more like he’s abandoning her. She tells us this while on the phone with Shannon and again with Gina. She’s crying, she’s upset, but all the while this girl looks amazing. I applaud her strength for swapping into a different outfit and getting out of the house. When she arrives at the restaurant to meet with the 2 ladies, she appears fabulous as ever. I only have one question. Does this seem like another falsely created storyline? I only ask because of the quickness in which it unraveled right before our very eyes. What do you guys think? Would you have been able to get out of bed on that very day at a moment like that? I know I couldn’t. I’m very interested in your guys’ thought process on her divorce situation. Leave your thoughts below!

We broke the story, James Bergener — a personal injury attorney known in SoCal as “Sweet James” — filed for divorce in August 2021. The couple dated for 5 years and were married for one.


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